Zinédine Zidane left Real Madrid

His departure from Real Madrid has been going on for a week now. The club officially announced this Thursday, May 27: Zinédine Zidane resigned as head coach, after a second term less impressive than the first.

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Already on Wednesday night on Thursday, the Spanish press revealed that Zidane had announced his departure for Real Madrid and his players. “The decision is final and the French coach announced this on Wednesday to the club’s and team leaders”, writes on its website the sports daily “As”, under the title “Zidane quitte le Real », without specifying its sources.

“One of the great myths of Real Madrid”

“Marca”, the other major sports journal based in the Spanish capital, is titled in the same sense as relying on information revealed by Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano on his Twitter account, which he wrote: “Real Madrid and Zinédine Zidane will both publish an official statement in the hours / days to come to announce that they are separating. Zidane part to 100%. »

That’s what happened. Casa Blanca confirmed the Spanish press release in a statement. Indicant “Respect his decision”, le merengue club souligne que “Zidane is one of the great myths of Real Madrid and he lies beyond what he was the trainer and player of our club.”

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“Real Madrid will always be at home”, added the club. After the adorable triumphs as a player in 2006, then a first departure from the bank in May 2018, five days after having won an unprecedented triple in the Champions League, Zidane left Real for the third time with a more recent balance sheet and a fiery season of tout titre.

If the Madrid team did not qualify for the EuroContinental stage, they were eliminated in the semi-finals of the C1 by Chelsea. And in Spain, Zidane failed to preserve the national crown after a final sprint reported Saturday by the Athletic.

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