Zendaya and Tom Holland together in a wedding

It seems that the love story between Zendaya And Tom Holland is already pretty serious, serious enough to go to a wedding together!

The two actors of Spider-Man they attended the wedding of their colleague Karina Florez, also known as Kary Musa. Although they have not posted first-person images, they do appear in some photos and videos of other guests.

In one photo, the nearly 25-year-old (Zendaya celebrates her birthday on September 1) and her star of the same age sit side by side, with her resting her head on his and with him holding a sleeve of her dress. You can see it here on Twitter. In one video, they share a comment as they watch the bride dance. You can see it here always on Twitter.

Tom Holland and Zendaya – getty images

Zendaya and Tom Holland have not yet personally confirmed that they are a couple but the spark would have been triggered on the third chapter set Spider-Man: No Way Home, forthcoming. Thanks to the fact that they are co-stars in the saga and that there is something romantic between their characters, there is a ship that has been going on for years (and denied in the past by those directly involved).

This time, however, it seems that they are together, given the photos from last July in which they kissed passionately.

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