Zaki, I am being held too long. Legal calls for release

MANSURA, 14 SEPT – The first hearing in the trial of Patrick Zaki at the Mansura court in Egypt has just ended. It lasted just over five minutes and the Egyptian student from the University of Bologna took the floor, essentially complaining that he had been detained beyond the legally permitted period for the minor offenses he is now accused of. Even his lawyer, Hoda Nasrallah, as ANSA can testify on the spot, supported the same thesis, asking for his release or at least access to the file concerning him. Zaki was handcuffed in the defendants’ cage during his hearing and greeted with folded hands a dozen relatives, activists and the two Italian diplomats in the courtroom. The lawyer asked for access to her file to be sure that the accusations of incitement to terrorism have actually dropped, as seems to be the nature of the court, a source explained. Beard, glasses and pigtail, Patrick was dressed all in white with a shirt, baggy pants and tennis shoes. He spoke impetuously in front of a chief judge, one on the sidelines and a clerk. (HANDLE).

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