Yungblud brought his girlfriend Jesse Jo Stark to the MTV EMA 2021: it’s red carpet official

Yungblud And Jesse Jo Stark brought their love for the first time to an official event: the MTV EMA 2021!

They walked together in front of the photographers, thus debuting on a red carpet as a couple. For the occasion, they chose two black and white looks.

Jesse Jo Stark and Yungblud – getty images

During the evening they were seated close together, except when Yungblud was called on stage for collect the award as Best Alternative. Jesse Jo Stark followed his speech from the audience, cheering enthusiastically.

The 24-year-old artist dedicated the award to individualism, sending a powerful message about being who we really are: “This is an award for the 13 year old from the north of England who was absolutely terrified of being who he was“began, referring to himself.

I wish I could say that if you’re out there and feel like you can’t be who you are, you can be. Keep fighting, keep shining, your imagination and individuality are the best things you can have. People will keep bringing you down, trust me, people try to bring me down, but be proud of your colors, be proud of who you are“.

Yungblud mtv ema 2021

Yungblud with his award for Best Alternative – getty images

The couple formed by Yungblud And Jesse Jo Stark she came out in the spotlight last March, but the love story would have started a few months earlier.

He is English and 24 years old, while she is American and 30 years old and they were friends and collaborators before they got together: Jesse appears in Dominic Harrison’s video (Yungblud’s real name) “Strawberry Lipstick“released in July 2020.

Jesse is also a singer and in September 2020 she released “Die Young“: the photos that accompanied the single were taken by Yungblud.

You can review the MTV EMA 2021 in reply on MTV (Sky channel 131) and streaming on NOW (discover the NOW offer). Here are all the days and times:

– Monday November 15th at 7:05 pm
– Tuesday 16 November at 12:25
– Thursday 18 November at 11:40 pm
– Friday 19th November at 9:25 am
– Saturday 20 November at 5.30 pm
– Sunday 21 November at 16:00

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