Youtuber Tiktus color Art celebrates NFT premiere on Enefty

Art, music, video, literature: there is hardly a creative niche that is not turned upside down by non-fungible tokens. Youtubers are now also finding their way onto the blockchain. One of them is the Berlin artist Tiktus, who inaugurates the Enefty NFT marketplace with its play of colors.

In addition to the striking permanent wave, its incomparably soothing charisma and the recurring seascapes that he conjured up on the canvases, it was the mantra-like “Happy little accidents” with which television painter Bob Ross became immortal and still accompanies tens of thousands to sleep. The sentence with which the TV legend declared his brush slip to be “happy little accidents” has become a meme and could hardly describe the way Lars Runge, better known as Tiktus color Art, works better. The Berlin artist and Youtuber is one of the best-known representatives of Fluid Art, in which colors are mixed and mixed with different techniques – sometimes he uses egg cartons, sometimes toothpicks or spoons – layer by layer blur into impressive total works of art. Tiktus is now the first to put one of its videos, which have reached over 740,000 followers, up for auction as an NFT on the Enefty platform.

In keeping with its NFT debut, Tiktus has taken the three letters and arranged them into a picture using his color technique. is up for auction on Enefty. Both physically and digitally. In addition to the video, which documents the entire process – from mixing to the finished image – the new NFT owner receives: in addition to the NFT, the “real” image.

It is no coincidence that Tiktus chose Enefty for all of the NFT trading venues. The platform specializes in NFT sales in the area of ​​social media and offers Youtubers like Tiktus the opportunity to immortalize their videos on the blockchain. “Our goal is to bring NFT technology closer to video content creators and to offer them new opportunities to interact with their fans in completely new ways,” explains co-founder Giorgi Jashiashvili to BTC-ECHO.

The Tiktus NFT is also a premiere for Enefty. But Giorgi is convinced of the success. “We humans have always loved collecting, and the art NFT market has shown that digital collectibles are very popular. The next logical step is video NFTs and we believe there is a huge market behind them. ” In fact, if you add one and one – the most successful video platform on the one hand and the never-ending NFT hype on the other – the platform could hit a nerve.

Enefty definitely hits the mark in terms of sustainability, both in terms of the service life of the NFTs and in terms of energy consumption. There is a very decisive reason why the platform secures the tokens in decentralized storage (IPFS), as co-founder and chief developer Mohamed Jamal Eddine explains: “NFTs should not only live as long as the server is switched on. It was therefore important to us that the data from our NFTs is stored decentrally with the help of IPFS + Filecoin. ” When it comes to the eco-balance, Enefty relies entirely on CO₂ compensation. Mohamed: “The topic of sustainability has not passed us by. That is why we made sure in the design of the platform to generate as few gas fees as possible and, in addition, we will compensate for any resulting CO₂ footprint. ”

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