YouTube: goodbye to the dislikes counter

YouTube, after having conducted appropriate experiments, has decided to obscure the count of dislikes. However, the controversy has started on the web: right or wrong decision?

The world of social media is certainly very complex and, when it comes to interactions, it is necessary to understand how these are fundamental. The users of the contents have always been used to having their say. Sometimes, however, it exaggerates. In this context, YouTube for a very long time allows you to close the comments of a video to avoid unnecessary controversy regarding the most controversial contents.

YouTube also decided to obscure, for everyone and without the possibility of rehabilitating it, the counter of the I do not like. The key will always remain there, but no user will ever know how many people have decided to express this opinion. The number remains available to creators and will always be available through their YouTube Studio.


Before launching this novelty, YouTube conducted a few searches who showed what they are like decreased dislike numbers by hiding the counter for users.

The choice therefore seems to lead to a result: the button was not designed to fuel any controversy, but to launch clear advice to creators regarding the nature of their content.

YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim has, however, leveled some criticism of the company for this decision. All the most famous youtubers seem not to like this news. Matt himself does not appreciate this decision and has stated on Reddit that for him it is a bad decision.

The first video ever to be uploaded to YouTube and posted by Jawed Karim

The blackout of the number of Dislikes will be gradual, but will soon reach all users. We’ll see how the people of YouTube react when the change hits everyone.

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