Your boyfriend’s beard could be the reason you got acne

Sure, some guys are so sexy with the beard (eg Chris Evans) or even with that shadow of five in the afternoon. But there are beards and beards, a bit like hair: soft and soft to sink into and hard and pungent ones.

If your new boyfriend has a shaggy beard, let’s just say he’s not doing your pretty face any favors and maybe that’s the which is why you got a sudden and unexpected outbreak of acne.

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What happen? Good, when you kiss (and at the beginning of a relationship that’s basically just that) your smooth face rubs against his hairy and prickly, creating friction and provoking redness, inflammation and even burns on your face.

How does your skin respond? Stimulate one extra oil and sebum production to protect against rubbing. And here comes the pimples.

How to solve the problem? Kindly ask him to shave your beard in the name of yours glowy skin. Or ask him to moisturize it and make it soft, there are a lot of products like beard oils and balms on the market perfect for the purpose.

So every time you kiss it will no longer seem like little swords are stabbing you in the face and, above all, goodbye acne!

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