You can mine crypto with this car

The Canadian manufacturer Daymak has announced an electric car that can mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies while parked. Pre-orders are already possible now.

The carbon footprint of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is currently the subject of much discussion. Mining in particular is the focus of criticism. In order to improve CO2 emissions, however, many governments not only want to fend off the miners, but also encourage the spread of e-mobility. At the same time, it is denounced that many vehicles are idle most of the time. At first glance, these facts may not have much in common. But the Canadian electric vehicle manufacturer Daymak now wants to change that. As the company has announced, they want to bring a completely new type of vehicle onto the market in 2023. The so-called “alcohol” then offers the function of mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and Doge when parked or charged.

The Daymak Spiritus is the first car in history to have mining hardware and cryptocurrency technology programmed into its user interface

so the wording of the announcement. The vehicle, which also looks very futuristic, can already be pre-ordered on the Daymak website. There are two model variants: the “Spiritus Deluxe” priced at 19,995 USD and the “Spritus Performance”, which costs 149,000 USD. Cryptocurrencies are also accepted – and even preferred. The price offer is valid until June 23, 2021. According to the current status, delivery of the alcohol is to begin in September 2023.

Daymak’s wallet is already integrated into the car

The two-seater has three wheels and looks more like a mixture of a car and a go-kart. According to the brochure, alcohol is definitely out of the question as a family carriage or for bulk purchases in the beverage market. But that is obviously not the target group either. Instead, the alcohol is touted as an “environmentally friendly crypto-miner node”. The Daymak Nebular Mining Hardware, the Nebular Crypto Wallet and the solar charging function are integrated. Daymak claims that unlike other vehicles, alcohol does not continuously lose value:

While most vehicles will depreciate in value while they are in your garage, the Nebula Miner will instead see to it that you make money while the liquor is parked.

However, Daymak fails to provide proof of economic efficiency. Critics are already saying that the mining technology used in cars due to its size cannot be particularly profitable in practice. Especially not when – as announced by Daymak – different crypto currencies are to be mined.

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