Xiaomi Smart Glasses: here are XIaomi smart glasses – VIDEO

Xiaomi knows more than the devil. Xiaomi Smart Glasses official. The new smart glasses of the Chinese company. Would you buy them?

These new smart glasses from Xiaomi have been announced as the gadget of the year. That Xiaomi wants to steal the show from Apple today? Like? Don’t you know that the new iPhone 13 will be presented today? We will follow the event on the channels of iPhone Italy. So, stay connected there too.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses: how do they work?

It is not difficult to guess what product we are talking about. As the name suggests we are faced with a pair of smart glasses. Not a novelty in the absolute sense of the term, as already in the past, Snapchat presented such a product, which Facebook in collaboration with Rayban has readjusted to the present day just a few days ago.

These glasses are very interesting on paper, especially because they look like very normal glasses on an aesthetic level. The Smart Glasses weigh 51 g and allow the wearer to:

  • view notifications
  • make calls
  • manage navigation
  • take pictures
  • translate the text in real time “right in front of your eyes”, so says Xiaomi
  • take advantage of the teleprompter function.

The display uses MicroLED technology for the backlight and the display chip measures just 2.4mm x 2.02mm. Xiaomi has engineered small 4μm pixels, which allow the display to adapt to the frame of the glasses.

Unlike a smartphone screen, this small panel must be visible, well, in all light conditions. And Xiaomi has managed to push the brightness of the screen up to 2 million nits. Of course, this brightness can only be achieved if necessary. Maybe in the middle of summer, when there is a lot of sun, at the sea, it could be useful.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses in detail

Here is a video that will allow you to admire this new invention of the Chinese company even more closely.

How are they used?

Navigating through the functions of the glasses is simple: you use the assistant XiaoAI. For example, it allows you to filter the most important notifications and do not disturb with every single notification received by the phone. Obviously, everything can be customized. Imagine what madness to keep seeing any notification on the lens of the glasses?

The Smart Glasses are equipped with microphones and beamforming speakers, so for those wondering, you can answer calls. There’s a 5MP camera on the front for taking photos and recording videos (obviously don’t expect who knows what quality) and they can transcribe audio to text or take advantage of real-time translations.

As mentioned at the beginning we are not faced with a super innovation, but it is certainly an interesting product.

How much do Xiamo Smart Glasses cost? We do not know yet. This information has not been disclosed, but knowing Xiaomi we expect a high quality / price ratio in relation to the prices of competitors.

Obviously we will return to the story as soon as possible, as soon as we have more information.


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