Wwf, we are in the midst of the 6th mass extinction

ROME, NOV 16 – In the new WWF report “Extinctions: we do not send the planet in red”, the data provided by the experts are highlighted: we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, considering the first five as phenomena belonging to previous geological eras, with a rate of extinction of animal and plant species 1,000 times higher than the natural one. In order not to just watch while the Planet goes “in the red” and give everyone the opportunity to do their small but big part, WWF Italy launches the “At Christmas put your heart” campaign: adopting or giving away symbolic adoption of an animal in danger on wwf.it/adozioninatale2021 it will be possible to support all WWF projects to protect the biodiversity that we risk losing forever. Between 1970 and 2016, 68% of the monitored populations of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish suffered a sharp decline, an account ‘in the red’ that the planet is presenting to us along with its consequences on health and well-being, conditions only possible with healthy ecosystems. The most important factor in the loss of biodiversity on terrestrial systems has been and still is the change in land use (ANSA).

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