with Rowley, Moniz and Kim [VIDEO SURF & SNOWBOARD]

Always looking ahead.

One foot forward, one foot forward. Step by step, every industry is understanding the importance of environmental sustainability and respect for the planet that hosts us. Satisfy your needs and the needs of the present, with an eye towards the future. The designer Cynthia Rowley is always one step ahead on this, and has made the union between fashion and eco-friendly her signature.

FCS KELIA WEB 001 1400x.progressive

Kelia MonizLongboard world champion is on the same wavelength when it comes to gratitude and respect for the Earth. There surfer Roxy, with its table, it merges with the crystalline ocean.

Chloe Kim scaled

Moving from the Hawaiian sun to the snow-capped mountains, it’s the turn of Chloe Kim to have her say: despite her very young age (she got her first gold medal when she was only 17!), the Roxy rider has extremely clear ideas when it comes to breaking clich├ęs. Girly but cool at the same time.

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