Will elephant ears grow taller due to warming?

Tomorrow, will elephants have ears as big as Dumbo’s? What is certain is that they will not use it to fly away, but those of them who survive the changes in their environment caused by humans may well experience surprising morphological changes and they will not be. not the only ones. In any case, this is predicted by a team of scientists from Deakin University (Australia), Australian National University and Brock University (Canada).

To better understand their work, it should be remembered that some animals – including humans – must maintain a constant internal temperature, regardless of the cold or heat of the surrounding air. This necessity and the observation of species in the world inspired naturalists of the XIXe century of rules that have prevailed until today.

Darwin saw him as “the most important animal” on earth. Earthworm, new star

Thus, Allen’s rule states that the external surface of an animal, the one in contact with the outside, will increase as a function of the temperature, which makes it possible to better dissipate heat. In practice, this means that organisms living in more northerly, and therefore colder, latitudes will have shorter and denser limbs – the reverse being true for warm regions.

Bergmann’s rule, which goes in the same direction, finds that animals living closer to the poles will be bigger and thicker than

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