when the tricks get even cooler [VIDEO SNOWBOARD E SKI]

When the snow falls, the Roxy rider they answer!

If you know how to tame a surfboard in the middle of the open sea, then you will certainly know how to put your feet on the snowboard and enjoy a little chill.

Today, we decided to give you some tricks to freshen up your ideas and give you some ideas for the new winter season:

1. Let’s start with Torah Bright, an Australian snowboarder, Olympic halfpipe champion at the 2010 Vancouver Games. Reckless and full of energy, she moves with class and lightheartedness:

2. Chloe Kim, we know it very well. Last year, in fact, he spent a lot of his time on skis making short and meaningful ski tutorials. Perfect technique and perfectly closed tricks: Chloe she is a rider to take an example from.

3. Have you ever heard of the Roxy #MakeWavesMoveMountains project? A global leitmotiv, a hymn to the determination and courage of women all over the world and in the video you are about to see, Robin Van Gyn it will almost look like a brush moving across the canvas with precision and art.

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