When a journalist is implicit in the body and in a report on the return of clubs

On his own initiative, the reporter decided to take the opportunity to report on the return of the clubs.
REPORTERS (Illustration)

Total immersion: a journalist gives a report on the return of clubs in Denmark, a time of causation for the cause of Covid-19, and said that the laureates of their chefs for their vanity, in the register or in the plein airs.

“I find that this is a good thing for reporters to experiment with different journalism,” said Tina Kragenlund, responsible for Radio 4 programs.

“On these days we will attend which the listeners will also surprise and give to the English news and the new story”, according to the report “Jyllands-Posten”.

The report, diffused from one hour to another (08H40), and this preceded a message from the opening of the presenter, specifying that the brutes of sexual relations are all over and demanding of the eagles “who do not want to go away” .

For the first time in a libertine club, the journalist will be able to explain the rules of the world and give them to the present, in full action, which will make it possible to return to “Swingland” in the Copenhagen banquet.

On his own initiative, the reporter decided to take his step.

But before participating, you don’t have to open a world until you rarely see it completely.

“Peux-tu décrire ce que tu vois juste maintenant?”

“The clubs are reunited with a tab of re-oversight” based on the level of restrictions in Covid “and I have to take part in an open world without a rare view,” said the journalist after Jyllands- Posten ».

In the frame of a new development of measures to take care of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the clubs and libertines on the way to roar the last day in Denmark after the closes.

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