WhatsApp: the creation of stickers in the app is here!

Over time, stickers have entered our chats by arrogance. If until now it was necessary to use a special app to create them, now comes a new WhatsApp feature that will allow you to do so (tested for now only on desktop).

In the latest version beta from Whatsapp A new button has been discovered that allows you to create own stickers directly in app. At the moment the possibility seems to only work via desktop, but let’s not forget that this is a beta feature.

The user will have the possibility to create stickers both starting from an image already present on their device as well as from an image found online. The editor currently allows crop the image so linear thus creating a sticker square or rectangular.

Once the desired result is achieved, the sticker comes added in the library and becomes usable normally through WhatsApp.

In any case, this is an unofficial feature, we do not know when it will be available for everyone and, above all, if it will really be available on both mobile and desktop.

We will update you when news arrives on this.

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