WhatsApp: news also coming for communities

Among the news that WhatsApp should soon bring to the market, there is something interesting for communities as well.

Lately WhatsApp’s commitment to bring Announcements the market is getting bigger and bigger. In particular, a very interesting rumor arrives today regarding the creation of new groups. It will in fact be possible to create new groups starting from already existing groups. Just as it happens on Discord then, the admins will be able to invite users to join new groups through which it will not be possible to write immediately, but only after approval at the discretion of the admins themselves. All this will obviously depend on the rules established by the same community to which you subscribe.

All chats belonging to this category will be as usual protected from the end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp Community

WhatsApp is slowly taking the form of Telegram and other instant messaging services that first introduced these possibilities.

Communities will have a real one distinction compared to the classic WhatsApp groups: in this case, the image that distinguishes the chat will be a square with rounded corners.

Over the next few weeks we will surely get more information on this new feature which is currently under development.

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