WhatsApp: here’s how to transfer chats from iPhone to Android

You got it right! After what was announced last summer, now WhatsApp finally allows you to transfer your chats from iPhone to Android as long as you have a smartphone with version 12 on board.

Google has made available to Facebook to help the company develop the function that will finally allow you to transfer your WhatsApp backup from iPhone to Android. The procedure really is simple, but it does require some basic requirements.

First of all, it is necessary that the iPhone of origin is equipped with the latest version of WhatsApp available on the AppStore. The same applies to the receiving smartphone which will also have to be moved by Android 12.

WhatsApp history transfer Pixel 1

You must have a Lightning USB-C cable to connect directly via cable the two devices. In particular, the procedure is this:

  • Connect the two smartphones via cable
  • Open the WhatsApp app on Android and start the activation procedure
  • Scan the QR that appears on the screen of the Android smartphone with the iPhone of origin
  • Wait for the procedure to finish

As an alternative to point 3, should problems arise, there is an alternative. In this case you will have to open WhatsApp on the iPhone again, go to Settings> Chat> Move to Android and proceed with the wizard.

During the procedure, i new messages will arrive directly on the new android smartphone and not on the iPhone of origin.

In reality, the procedure is not all that new: Samsung smartphones with Android 10 and later on board were already able to do it. From now on, as mentioned at the beginning, all smartphones with Android 12 on board will be able to benefit from this possibility.

WhatsApp, however, allows you to backup chats on Google Drive on Android and iCloud on iPhone. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to take advantage of the cloud to carry out this procedure. We hope that things will soon change when it comes to automatic backups as well.


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