what the new song “Fashback” is about

Twin published the video officer of “Fashback”, her new single that anticipates her next album. The clip – directed by Lorenzo Ambrogio – is a story by contrasts, between urban landscapes and memories of evenings between subways and deserted streets, and sunny afternoons spent surfing the waves, indulging in lightheartedness and lightness.

The song is a journey through memories: thanks to a simple perfume, everything becomes vivid and extremely real, as if nothing had changed. Gemello thus lets himself go to a stream of consciousness in which the meloncholy takes over.

Regarding the meaning of the song, the artist explained:

“With ‘Flashback’ I really tested myself with singing, in a refrain that recalls the sounds of the 80s. The song has a nocturnal atmosphere, it tells of how a perfume, a forgotten sensation can catapult you into the past, and relive it as it had never passed. “

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