what the new single “Useless song” is about

Land on the radio “Useless song”, new single from Alessandra Amoroso excerpt from the freshly released album “Everything happens”.

The passage is about the evocative power songs, able to photograph a moment and remain engraved in time, to transform into moments, people and places that have a different value for each of us.

“What I definitely like is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthinking that a song, however ‘useless’ will remain forever and I would like this to be for the people who listen to me: a song! – explains Alessandra – The songs remain and beyond the songs we remain, there remain the moments that those songs tell, the moments or people we lived while listening to them. “

It is a piece that the artist dedicates itself to itself, at the meeting of his two souls who after years finally saw and recognized themselves in one. Encounter also translated into video official, created by Alessandra herself, which you can see below.

TheJuly 13, 2022 Alessandra Amoroso will hold her first concert at the San Siro stadium in Milan. Tickets for the event are available in advance on TicketOne, on Vivaticket and in the usual sales and presales points.

ph: press office, credit Flavio & Frank

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