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It’s a singular affair in the foot of the world: the French international of Paris SG Kheira Hamraoui was the victim of a violent aggression on Thursday 4 November. His teammate and teammate Aminata Diallo, present at the time of the facts, was placed on guard for Wednesday before being released. One of the two players was also interrogated as part of the investigation. “The Obs” makes the point.

An aggression at the iron bar

Kheira Hamraoui underwent an aggression on the evening of November 4 with Aminata Diallo at a dinner organized by their club, Paris-Saint-Germain. According to the prosecutor of Versailles, the player of 31 years was “Coupe wheels on the jams with a iron bar” by two men who took the leak.

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His teammate Aminata Diallo, witness of the scene, was also detained by the aggressors but without being a victim of physical violence.

Aminata Diallo placed on guard for release then

Wednesday morning, Aminata Diallo, 26 years old, was interrogated in Marly-le-Roi (Yvelines) and placed on guard duty by the Versailles Judiciary Police Repression Brigade, seized by the Versailles Prosecutor’s Office, at-on appris according to a source having knowledge of the dossier.

In a statement, the PSG had declared to take over «Deed of guarding» of the terrain environment, all in condemnation «With the greatest closure committed the violent violations» the past week. “Since Thursday 4 November in the evening, the club has taken all the necessary provisions to guarantee the health, well-being and safety of its toys”, and he added.

The player was finally released Thursday night without any charge being withheld against her.

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An internal rivalry?

The hypothesis of a « Internal rivalry within the PSG is particularly explored » by investigators, according to an observer quoted by “The Team”. « This aggression was nothing short of shocking, nothing was done to the two young women who were in the car at the time of the incident. », affirme cet observateur.

Revenue this summer in Paris, after a first pass in the capital (2012-2016), Kheira Hamraoui was imposed as a holder by the French champions in title. Longtemps snobby by the selection Corinne Diacre, she was recalled by team of France in October, after two years and half absence. But she could not honor the convocation due to an injury. Corinne Diacre then reminded Aminata Diallo to stop playing without playing.

The president of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noël Le Graët, spoke in favor of the affair. « I do not say more than you for the moment, assure him. But what is suspected is improbable. I know the two players. I’m sure if what’s evoked is true. This is unimaginable. I remain very alert and await the results of the investigation », he declared to «the Team».

On their side, the two players were put to rest.

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The player defends himself

Aminata Diallo firmly disputed the accusations made against him by his lawyer’s intermediary, in a statement sent to the AFP.

“Aminata Diallo completes the artificial staging of a rivalry between her and Kheira Hamraoui that justifies her taking on her teammate. This theory does not correspond to the true nature of their relationship », pursuit Me Mourad Battikh.

Affirmant that his client is «Profoundly happy» through the treatment of the case, it affirms that this « regrets the media packaging that it has and already condemned, without foundation, and reminds that it does not hesitate to defend its rights in justice and is necessary against any defamation ».

L’internationale française « fully cooperated » with investigators, assure him.

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Referring to Franceinfo by Aminata Diallo “By the same to me below” this aggression, he assures that “Other more serious issues are currently being considered by investigators that do not necessarily concern my client.” »

According to RMC, the proxies of the player and some of his teammates are also part of their incomprehension, describing the friendly relations between the two women.

An extra-sporting account regulation?

The path of aggression linked to private life Kheira Hamraoui would also be examined. According to RMC and “the Team”, during the aggression, the assailants would say: “So like this, is there a couch with married men?” » A reference to a married man that the two players would have confirmed to investigators.

Kheira Hamraoui had assured him of having «Never had a loving relationship» of this nature. According to the sports daily, investigators made the rapprochement with the anonymous appeals received by the player. The identity of the author of these calls has not been revealed, but he would have liked to get revenge on the footballer.

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A 34-year-old man interviewed by investigators

A friend of the two players also interrogated as part of the investigation. He made sure he did not “Absolutely nothing to see with this aggression” : “He explained that he actually knew the two players, and that he had telephone contacts with them in the past, but without any connection with this affair”, indicated to the AFP his lawyer Frédéric Lalliard.

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Investigators are being held until this man, aged 34, discovers communications from a telephone located near the Lyon-Corbas detention center, where he has been placed in temporary detention for more than nine months in a extortion and sequestration case.

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