what does “Wu-Tang” mean, the title of his new single

Coez is back! After some spoilers shared in recent days, the new single titled was released on Thursday 23 September “Wu-Tang”.

The title is a reference to the “Wu-Tang Clan”, the American cult supergroup and New York collective that in the 90’s has changed the world of hip-hop forever, in the sign of the creative independence of artists and elevating the concept of crew to collective communion.

About the song Coez says:

“I’ve always loved bands that could go from introspective songs to more violent impact pieces without ever losing credibility, maybe this particular piece takes inspiration from Song 2 by Blur where Damon Albarn sang ‘when I feel heavy metal’ on the chorus. I thought of translating everything into a language more similar to my world of belonging, and when I listen to the Wu-Tang I go crazy. It all started with a bass line that he sent me Ford78, one of my historical producers, then the production was terminated by Sine, another long-time collaborator of mine. It’s very meaningful for me to come out after a long time with a six-handed track with them, which have always been around. “

A few days before the release of “Wu-Tang”, Coez personally sent some spoiler of the track in DM to some fans based on the comments they received.

Coez’s latest and fifth studio album is “It’s always good”, released on 29 March 2019, from which the singles “Domenica” and “Your song” were extracted, as well as the title track.

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