“We are at war against Covid”

Antonio Guterres, the chef of the ONU.

The world is “at war” against Covid-19, and after the arrival of the head of the UN, the appellant of the international community to all the solidarity and to enter the “economy of war” to stop the virus.

“The Covid-19 pandemic was hit by a tsunami of souffrances. Plus 3.4 million of the lives he lost. Some 500 million employees were killed; The billions of dollars are on the balance sheet of companies’ balance sheets, ”said Antonio Guterres, at the annual overture of the members of the World Health Organization (OMS).

“The most vulnerable are those who support the most, and the cranes that are so long ago,” he said.

The Secretary-General of the UN appealed to the world to respond “in a resolute manner and in solidarity to arrest the virus”, but to make sure that the whole thing is not suffocating.

“We are at war against a virus. We have the logic and the urgency of a war economy, to reduce the capacity of our arms “, at-il relevé.

We are at war against a virus. We have the logic and urgency of a war economy, to reduce the capacity of our arms

«If we are not mainstream, we are retrospectives in a situation in the lacquerles that pays the vaccineront of the majority of the population and overlooks their economies, so that the virus continues to engender profound souffrances in circulating and mutant in the countries. plus pauvres », at-il averti. “Other peaks and poultry will be able to make cents of victories and raise the economic return of the world.”

Guterres a indiqué qu’il avait donc demandé vendredi au G20 de mettre en place un groupe de travail reunissant notamment tous les pays disposant de capacités de produkcija de vaccins, l’OMS et les institucij finanères internationales capable de traiter avec les entreprises pharmaceutiques et d ‘other key actors.

This group of workers “should be able to double the capacity of production in explorant all these options, the licenses of volunteers and the transfer of technology to the mass in the community of brevets and the utilization of flexibility in the matter of intellectual property rights. », At-il explicit.

The chef of the UNU has to make sure that the special group is also looking at the question of the distribution of vaccines in the world level.

“I am trying to mobilize the assembly of the Union of Nations to support this effort,” he said.

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