Wavy Hair: Hailey Bieber’s easy-to-follow tutorial for fairytale wavy hair

Hailey Bieber has become the queen of YouTube in recent times. What do you eat mac and cheese in her bathroom with Kendall Jenner or reveal her complete skincare routine, the model always shares content that fans didn’t know they needed.

His latest video of YouTube is not far behind, a tutorial to follow step by step on how to create your favorite hairstyle: soft wave hair.

Hailey says messy, carefree waves are one of her favorite looks for going out for dinner or for a date night. “This is typically the hair I do for a fun night out“, he shares in the video.

Here, then, how to get her look in just a few points:

Hailey recommends spraying one first volumizing spray on wet hair before drying.

Hailey’s secret to creating waves is all in movement of his wrist: Rotate the hair straightener towards the face and then away from the face, to create a relaxed and beachy look. Perfection is not the goal here. The more the appearance is undone and “lived“the better, says Hailey.

If you work on freshly washed hair, don’t be shy * with the texture spray. Hailey suggests you may need an extra splash to keep your waves: “Sometimes I have to add a little more of a texture spray or hairspray so they have a little more grip“explains Hailey.

A good solution is wait at least one day after washing your hair so that the style lasts longer.

After a final spray of texturizing spray, she adds it dry shampoo, so that her soft waves look just as good the next day, and Hailey’s look is done!

Who thought her unmistakable hairstyle could be so easy, simple and quick to recreate at home?

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