watch the video clip of the new song “Cliché”

The singer and rapper Epoque published the official video of the new single “Cliche”, released on Friday 10 September.

The clip is set in landscapes of outskirts and is directed by School Project.

What are you waiting for, click play below!

The text of “Cliché” is inspired by some discriminatory events lived by Epoque who tells with these words:

“Many people believe they are strong for what they have but not for what they are. As a child I was very shy and naive, my father never let me out for fun so the place to bond and create friendships was the school for me. I shot down all mine insecurities and I gave my all in those hours of the day. I bonded with a lot of people and everything was fine, until one day I found out from a girl that there were rumors about me, about my life, about what I was and what I had, in a negative and derogatory way. I pretended nothing but lived it badly. I never knew who spread those rumors, I never had the opportunity to confront myself, they talked about me and I never had a voice to counter the rumors about my stereotypical life as a black girl living in public housing; and it often happens to me even today. So I know who I am and I know why I have certain things while people gossip and think they are better than you because they have things but they don’t even have the courage to tell you. “

Epoque, stage name of Janine Tshela Nzua, singer and rapper of origin Congolese, born in Turin and grew up between Paris and Brussels.

Last spring he released the song “Boss (you & me)” which tells the relationship of a girl with her little brother.

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