Von der Leyen, EU world leader in vaccinations

BRUSSELS, 15 SEPTEMBER – “We are the world leader in vaccines. Over 79% of our population is vaccinated. We were the only ones to have shared more than half of our vaccines with the rest of the world, with over 700 million ”. Thus the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen in her State of the Union address. “The work we need to do towards a European health union is a big step forward. We have shown that when we act together we act quickly,” he said again, quoting the Green Pass. “If I reflect on the past year and on the State of the Union, I see a strong soul in everything we do”, he added, underlining that “in the main global health crisis we have joined together to ensure that all corners of Europe have vaccines. life-saving and we proceeded with Next generation Eu and with the Green deal. We acted as a united Europe and we can be proud of this ”(ANSA).


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