VillaBanks will be in concert in Rome and Milan in November

“Two years that I have not seen a stage I am thrilled to think that there will be so many to push”, with these words VillaBanks confirmed his two new upcoming concerts. The artist will perform at theOrion of Rome on November 27, 2021 and the next day, the 28, atAlcatraz of Milan.

Last July VillaBanks published the new project “Filters + Nude”, point of arrival of a path of liberation that went through his last EP released in April. Two pieces of the same puzzle, but at the same time two profoundly different works that enrich and complement each other.

Speaking of the record, the rapper said:

“I realized that I lived through filters and that I necessarily had to remove them to get one clear view of my life. ‘Filters’ was born precisely from the awareness, from the realization of the existence of these limits. With ‘Filters + Naked’ now I can finally get rid of it. “

ph: press office

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