Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold: there is a new couple alert among the “You” co-stars

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They play Love Quinn and Theo Engler in the series

A new love may have been born on the set of a series!

For a few weeks now, rumors have been circulating according to which Victoria Pedretti And Dylan Arnold from You they would become a couple. Now there is a real clue to this new couple alert, that is a sighting of the two actors just out of the supermarket in Los Angeles, with him carrying a grocery bag and a pack of toilet paper under his arm and she with a detergent in her hand.

You can see the pictures here on the American gossip site PageSix.

Victoria Pedretti And Dylan Arnold they starred together in the third season of You, where their characters Love Quinn and Theo Engler I’m at the center of a love affair.

If Dylan plays a 19-year-old in the show, in reality he is 27 years old: one year older than Victoria who is 26.

Waiting for a confirmation or denial of this new couple alert, here you can read the connection found by the protagonist Penn Badgley about his characters in Gossip Girl And You.

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