Vasco Rossi has unveiled the cover of the new album “We are here”

On Sunday 12 September the fans of Vasco Rossi they got a new update on the next one album in the studio of their idol. The Kom has unveiled the cover of the disc, entitled “We are here”.


The project is expected to be released on November 12, as announced by Vasco himself a few months ago:

“I didn’t think I’d go back to the recording room for a long time … In recent years I preferred the single to communicate. I preferred to satisfy my communication need. These days … I’m in one routine made of music. Immersed in my project. Every day, for a few hours, I work on my next record. And I feel good. It will be released in November, but these are the months when everything takes a definitive line. It will be a record … of form and substance!

For the artist, 2021 opened with the release of a single “A love song thrown away”, just released on January 1st.

The piece is accompanied by a video directed by Pepsy Romanoff and shot in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, a location that the Blasco has very much at heart.

Soon a new song by Vasco Rossi will be released. On his Instagram account he posted an update regarding his video next single which will have the actress as its protagonist Alice Pagani. The clip was shot in Puglia and directed by Pepsy Romanoff.

Stay tuned to find out more!

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