Vaccines: Moldova ‘scares’ no-vax with black humor on video

BELGRADE, 10 NOV – The authorities of Moldova, one of the European countries with the lowest number of people fully vaccinated against Covid, have published a video to convince the unvaccinated to be immunized, focusing on black humor. “Seven thousand Moldovans have died of Covid, there are new variants” in circulation, “much more contagious and aggressive, but you don’t have to worry”, you can see in the video, part of a public awareness campaign to increase the number of vaccinated and convince the many “no-vax”, told the Universul portal. “In Chisinau, for example, we have the largest cemetery in Europe, there is a lot of space. So, you don’t have to worry ”, continues the video, produced by the Moldovan Ministry of Health. The video ends with a more serious appeal: “The pandemic is not over! It is up to each of us to overcome this. Get vaccinated and stay alive ”. According to data from the University of Oxford, only about 22% of Moldovans are fully vaccinated against Covid. The video, between the macabre and the ironic, received over 6,000 likes on Facebook in a few days and was viewed 445,000 times on the Fb page of the Moldovan Ministry of Health. (HANDLE).

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