Vaccination for all: alors qu’elle permet à la Belgique d’enfin s’ouvrir, l’hemisphère sud est encore (très) loin de cette realité

If the situation is well established in Belgium, the vaccination campaign is considered to be accelerated, the other countries will be able to confront each other with new vases of the virus, new variants and new confinements.

With epidemiological ciphers evoking these last days, a net ralentissement of the propaganda of Covid-19 in Belgium, the dispute of a normal return to the days of Venus is reasonably renforced for our countries.

Cependant, si la Belgique fait désormais partie des bons élèves européens en termes de vaccination

ce qui lui permet d’appréhender désormais l’avenir avec un peu plus de serenity, il n’en va pas nécessairement de même dans les autres parties du globe.

Not all faces before vaccines

In the background of the fund, he retrospective of the vaccination campaign that, in another state, can be presented in three different variations.

The chefs of the World Health Organization (OMS), the World Trade Organization (OMC), the International Monetary Fund (FMI) and the World Bank on appeal to the G7, lors de son prochain sommet au Royaume-Uni dans le courant du mois, à acceptter de verser 50 milliards de dollar pour un plan anti-pandémie elabored par le FMI et déjà exposedé lors du Sommet de la santé à Rome.In a communiqué addressed to the market, the collection “A Vaccine for Everyone” rappelle ainsi que “on the side of a billion vaccines that are administered, 80% are all in addition to the riches, so that in these countries the distribution of vaccines is not even effective.


Dans les pays en developement la distribution des vaccins n’a pas encore commencé de manière effective.Here are the reviews of the patron of the OMS, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, lequel denonce le fait qu’un «small group of countries waiting for the majority of vaccines and control donc the sort of the rest of the population, the sort of the rest of the world“, To collect the decision to launch a cytogenic initiative,”dont l’objectif est d’obtenir des fond suplémentaires pour acheter plus de vaccins pour les populations les plus pauvres du monde grâce aux dons des citoyens


“A vaccine for everyone”«We think that this Pavid-19 pandemic invites to solidarity the concert between the plus and the least of us , express ainsi le collectif ce mercredi par le biais de son communiqué.It is our favorite to be with all the others on this planet

. »

In addition to the consideration of the costs of vaccines invoiced in the Belgian State (NDLR: between € 1.78 and € 14.80 for manufacturers) and the price of a vaccine purchased at the World Vaccination Program (NDLR: 4 , 30 €), le collectif suggère aux citoyens belges de faire un don auprès de la Fondation Roi Baudouin d’une valeur equivalente au montant de leur propre vaccin – reçu gratuitement dans notre pays. The precision includes that, for a mount of 40 € (minimum mount for a deductible fiscal of 45%), the quote can be used to vaccinate more than 8 people to spend the world.«Cela n’a aucun sense de limiter les vaccinations à notre pays ou notre continent alors que le virus continue de se propager dans le monde entier , we are still collecting.Et plus la pandémie dure, plus il est probable qu’il y aura de plus de nouvelles mutations infektieuses

. »

+ More information about the campaign “A vaccine for everyone” and its initiators and experts

Selon les ciffres officiels mis à jour au mercredi 2 juin, 41% de la population belge a reçu une première dose de vaccin (51.3% de la population des +18 ans). 19% of the total population (23.8% of +18 years) is quantitative in their second dose.

Buy a probe with four coins of the world L’Inde et le Bangladesh submergésEnInde, the staff in the hospitals are also on board. «We are working hard, stressed and very efficient», Confie ainsi à l’AFP Radha Jain, medécin à la capitale New Delhi. « We are on the front 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7, poursuit by Dr. Deependra Garg, waiter in the bathhouse of Delhi.

We are exposed to an elevated viral charge, but we continue to work against sales and seashores as we have this profession.

. »

Dans ce pays comptant 1.3 billion of habitats, 3,000 people decode the day of the virus. At a rate of more than 12% of the population, a first dose of vaccine is required.

ANALYSIS | Vaccination for all: alors qu’elle permet à la Belgique d’enfin s’ouvrir, l’hemisphere sud est encore (très) loin de cette realité

Face the epidemiological pressure, the Indian closet in its houses.

They are, yes


, is more than a lot of lots with less than 4% of 165 million vaccinated habitats. New flambée in Vietnam and in Malaysia Plus au Sud-est, leVietnamretrouve quant à lui confronté à la recrudescence du virus, suite à la découverte d’un «

hybrid variant

», Combining Indian and British variants. The authorities in charge of the operators decided to interrupt the international traffic ahead of the route of the different airports.

The situation remains relatively stable instably in which only one million people live in the vaccine, on a total population of 97 million inhabitants (soit peine plus d’1% of the population).

ANALYSIS | Vaccination for all: alors qu’elle permet à la Belgique d’enfin s’ouvrir, l’hemisphère sud est encore (très) loin de cette realité

Hanoi Airport is the most popular passenger route.

A little more than Sud, la


It is one of the most affected parts of the new Covid-19 vague with 2,800 deaths due to the start of the pandemic, up to 40% in May alone, in which it pays 32 million people. In response, the authorities found in a place that a “total confinement” of two weeks. 6% of Malaysians have less than one vaccine dose at this stage.

In Australia, Melbourne is being refinedThe city of Melbourne, one of the great Australian metropolises and its dormitory, is home to 5 million inhabitants, a reconfiguration of the current population in the rest of the region. Peu touchée par l’épidémie grâce aux mesures particulièrement restrictive prises rapidement, l ‘


accounts for 15.5% of vaccinations only on the territory of its territory, a review of all 25 million inhabitants. La Copa America de l’Argentine au BrésilFrom the other side of the globe, the epidemic is still under control


, the local authorities are retiring to the organization of the Copa America, the equivalent of American football. Dans ce pays de 45 million d’habitants, seuls 21% ont reçu jusqu’ici une première dose du vaccin.

ANALYSIS | Vaccination for all: alors qu’elle permet à la Belgique d’enfin s’ouvrir, l’hemisphère sud est encore (très) loin de cette realité

On the sidelines of the Copa America football championship, Argentine cities will be able to get vaccinated.

It’s done

Brusselsthat accueillera l’événement, alors que sa population est pourtant l’une des plus touchées avec plus de 400 000 décès du virus depuis le début de la crise.« It’s a big foil to organize a phone event here, the affirmé of the epidemiologist José David Urbaez, of the Center of Infectious Diseases of Brasilia.

We have this false impression that the chokes are ameliorated. The reality is that we are all in a terrible phase of rapid propaganda

. »

Dans ce pays gigantesque qui compte 211 million d’habitants, seuls 11% d’entre eux ont ete vaccinés, 21% ayant reçu la premiere dose.

ANALYSIS | Vaccination for all: alors qu’elle permet à la Belgique d’enfin s’ouvrir, l’hemisphere sud est encore (très) loin de cette realité

Au Bresil, de nombreux manifestants accusent le president Bolsonaro d’avoir très mal géré la crise du Covid-19.

Le cas de l’Afrique: a vaccination campaign that is currently underway Le cas de l’Afrique, lui, est encore plus preoccupant. If the exceptions are insular states that they Seychelles (71%) et les

Maldives (57%), the population of the vaccinated population remains very inferior to what they find in Europe and the world in the world. Ainsi, seule la

Equatorial guinea dépasse sur l’Afrique continentale le seuil des 10% d’habitants ayant reçu une première dose de vaccination. With 5.5% of the inhabitants, they say a first dose of vaccine, laTunisia est le pays d’Afrique comptant plus de 10 million d’habitants le plus en avance dans sa campagne de vaccination. More Important states on demographic data, according to Ethiopia (115 million of habitats, 1.6% of vaccinated) or


(206 million habitats, 1% vaccinated), are well advanced in this campaign.

ANALYSIS | Vaccination for all: alors qu’elle permet à la Belgique d’enfin s’ouvrir, l’hemisphère sud est encore (très) loin de cette realité

Tourists arriving in Tunisia dovent present the vaccination requirements and PCR tests negatively due to the arrival of the national sun.

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