Use: in deposition Cuomo denies harassment, no regrets

NEW YORK, NOV 11 – New York Attorney General Letitia James released a 515-page transcript of the 11-hour interview between former Governor Andrew Cuomo and lawyers charged with leading the investigation into sexual harassment allegations. The documents, as reported by the US media, show a “pugilistic and paranoid” attitude of the former governor while denying the accusations against him. When asked if he had any regrets about something he said to some women in the workplace, Cuomo replied, “No.” The former governor was questioned about the complaints of 10 women including Lindsey Boylan, his former assistant who claimed he asked her to play strip poker while they were traveling by plane. Accusation that Cuomo categorically denies in the transcript, telling investigators: “I never said let’s play strip poker.” Then he was asked if his assistant Stephanie Benton had ever sat on his lap: “Oh, she might have. But I don’t remember, ”he replied. During the long interview, he then admitted that in 2020 he did not complete the training on sexual harassment in the state of New York, which became mandatory after he himself signed it as a law, because he was “engaged with the covid”. (HANDLE).

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