Use: Harris denies rumors, ‘I don’t feel underused’

NEW YORK, NOV 18 – Kamala Harris does not feel ‘underused’ in her role: with Joe Biden “we are doing many things, and we are doing them together”, says the vice president, thus rejecting the rumors that paint her frustrated in her role and dealing with difficult relations with the White House. To those who asked her about the 2024 presidential elections and if she had started talking about it with the American president, Harris replied with a curt “absolutely not”. Pointing out that “bringing prices down is the priority,” Harris explains how the immigration dossier that the president was handed over to her is not an easy skein to unravel. “It doesn’t go away overnight. We have inherited a system in crisis and what we are doing is trying to pave the way for a just process “for immigrants that is” effective and efficient, “he adds in an interview with Good Morning America. (HANDLE).

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