Use: Biden racist faux pas ‘built’ by Fox montage

ROME, NOV 14 – Joe Biden’s alleged racist gaffe during a speech at Arlington National Cemetery was actually the result of a Fox News montage. This was revealed by the Associated Press which reconstructs the story. A few days ago, on Veteran’s Day, the US president mentioned the late baseball player Satchel Paige as “the great negro” (‘the great negro’), pitcher of the Negro League “, or the league made up of African American baseball players in the 1920s, “before becoming a major pitcher in the Major League. However, in the video aired by Fox on the Sean Hannity Show, Biden is only heard saying “Satchel Paige, the big black”. A passage in which the word “negro” is not contextualized and sounds like a racist slur. A Fox News spokesperson interviewed by the Associated Press explained that the cut was made for reasons of space and that the speech was then broadcast in full by the Fox and Friends program. (HANDLE).

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