Usa reopen borders, scenes of joy in airports

WASHINGTON, 08 NOV – Scenes of joy in American airports on the first day of reopening of borders after more than 18 months to travelers from 33 countries who can show vaccination and recent negative tests (with some exceptions). A day long awaited by tourists but also by families and mixed couples who are preparing to reunite after months of separation. And from a tourism industry that has lost nearly $ 300 billion in overseas visitor spending and over a million jobs, according to the US Travel Association. The industry is now hoping to catch up with the holiday season, especially in popular destinations such as big cities, from New York to Miami, from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Most of the 33 previously banned countries are in the old continent, a region that WHO declared this month as the last “epicenter” of the pandemic, with alarming situations in some countries of central and eastern Europe. (HANDLE).

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