Usa: Cuomo risks giving up profits from the book on Covid

NEW YORK, NOV 17 – Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may be forced to give up the millions of dollars he earned from his memoir on the pandemic. A state ethics commission voted to revoke authorization for the text, accusing Cuomo of obtaining approval under false pretexts, as well as violating his promise not to use state resources to complete the book. “Contrary to statements made on behalf of the governor and not disclosed to the commission, state property, resources and personnel, including volunteer employees, were used in connection with the preparation, writing, modification and publication of the book,” reads the resolution passed by 12 votes in favor and only 1 against. Legal experts said Cuomo most likely has the opportunity to reapply for approval, but if rejected, he could be ordered to divest the book’s profits or face penalties. (HANDLE).

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