Usa: African American who died after police abuse, 15 million in compensation

WASHINGTON, 20 NOV – Record compensation in the US for the death of an autistic African American brutally treated by the police, a case that had renewed public attention after the killing of George Floyd. Colorado City authorities have announced a $ 15 million deal with the family, the highest sum ever agreed in the state for such an incident and one of the highest in the US, after Minneapolis paid $ 27 million to Floyd’s family. . Elijah McClain, 23, died in 2019 in the city of Aurora, three days after being stopped by some agents and being injected with a powerful sedative. The young man resisted the policemen who wanted to search him to see if he was armed, saying he was unsociable and demanding respect for his limits. But the agents pinned him to the ground and hugged him around his neck. The family reported that law enforcement abused force for 15 minutes in which McClain threw up, asked them to stop saying repeatedly that he could not breathe and briefly lost consciousness. A rescuing doctor then injected him with 500 mg of ketamine to sedate him but three days later he was pronounced dead. Over two years later, three officers and two doctors involved in the incident were indicted on 32 counts. (HANDLE).

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