US: Trump criticizes Scrooge’s tax, ‘they will leave the country’

NEW YORK, 28 OCT – Billionaires will leave the US “dry mouth” if forced to pay more taxes. This is the opinion of Donald Trump, who has criticized the so-called ‘billionaires tax’, presented by the Democrat Ron Wyden, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, according to which billionaires will pay taxes on the capital gains of their assets to help finance the agenda. by Joe Biden on welfare and climate. “I know all those very smartly run countries and they are all excited about what the radical left maniacs in Congress are doing,” the tycoon explained in a statement. “I just wonder if I will be allowed to run for president again if I move to another country. No. I guess I’ll just hold on, but most of the others won’t! ”He added. (HANDLE).

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