UN: plane violates a prohibited area in Ny, intercepted by F-16 fighters

ROME, SEPTEMBER 22 – A US F-16 fighter took off yesterday afternoon over the Hudson River, in New York state, after a small plane, led by an army pilot instructor, was intercepted while violating the temporary flight restrictions imposed in the area to ensure the safety of the UN General Assembly. This was reported by the Federal Aviation Administration, cited by CNN. Cessna 182, owned by the US military academy at West Point, entered the forbidden zone around 2 pm yesterday near the George Washington Bridge, as part of an engineering training flight. The fighter then intercepted it and escorted it out of the off-limits area “without incident”, according to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad). “This kind of violations of temporary flight restrictions happen from time to time and are part of the normal business of Norad,” reads a statement from the defense agency. (HANDLE).

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