Twitter lance des subscribens dans deux pays pour commencer

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Twitter has launched a series of pay-per-view offers for users in Canada and Australia who have decided to join practical practices, a new strategy for a social network that seeks to diversify their sources of public interest.

“With this initial phase, we are expecting a better understanding of what you want to do on Twitter plus personalization, plus animation and, in general, plus + to taquet +”, as indicated by the platform in a communication.

For about 2.5 euros per month, subscriptions pay attention to the ranges of your preferred tweets in the categories, a mode “lecture” plus comfortable, and surtout a button “cancel”, to view your tweet before the final definition and possibly the modifier.

This option is advertised for a long time by the users of the restaurant, frustrated by the fact that the orthographers made or approximations figured in the numerical marble to the jamais.

«We have received souvenirs, very souvenirs, which we have not constructed in terms of functionality that responds to the benefits of users. Eh bien cela va changer », lance Twitter.

The San Francisco-based company also offers other benefits for subscriptions, but it is precisely the fact that Twitter does not disqualify you for free, “and does not disqualify them.”

Debut mai, elle a racheté Scroll, une application pour lire les infos sans publicité, afin de muscler sa nouvelle formula pleante en cours de deploiement.

“On Twitter, you can have access to advanced options or you can easily read articles from your favorite magazine, or a newsletter, and you will find a portion of your subscription for publications and authors,” he said in detail. Mike Park, a vice president of Twitter.

The group of california peines to find the generation of revenge without perturbing the fluidity of the message platform in real time.

Finish in April, the publication of the results plus the fables that are expected. The number of users who are considered “monetizable” (after these exposures to the least publicity on a given day) is established at 199 million in the first trimester, a million of which are the most revised analyzes.

The platform will be extended to the audience of clef audience, composition of celebrities, journalists and political leaders. However, it is also possible to invest more in this situation than misinformation and problems and reservations, but what is possible, the security of debates and changes.

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