Turkey: at least 20 under the rubble due to the collapse of a house

ISTANBUL, 09 NOV – At least 20 people are still buried under the rubble after the collapse of a two-story building in Malatya, in the south-east of Turkey with a Kurdish majority, a hundred kilometers from the border with Syria. The reasons that led to the collapse of the building, located in the central Sitmapinari district, are not yet clear, while according to BBC Turkce the civil protection teams have managed to rescue 13 people for now, including two seriously injured, and it is estimated that another 20-25 are still under the rubble. Rescue operations continue. “I heard the sound of a crack first and then the building collapsed. A cloud of smoke rose, it seemed it was the day of judgment, ”a witness who witnessed the collapse of the house, Turhan Cobanoglu, told the broadcaster Haberturk. (HANDLE).

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