TSMC and Sony are ready to build a new factory!

It is now almost official: TSMC and Sony will build a new foundry in Japan together. A new company will therefore be born between two technology giants.


TSMC And Sony have finally formalized the agreement that will lead them to build a new foundry in Japan. The new company that will handle the production will be called Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufactoring said JASM. The new factory will cost well 7 billion dollars and will only be ready in 2024.

In this scenario, therefore, the new factory will not immediately solve the chip crisis, but will give a new breath to the market. In particular, the construction of this factory will bring new possibilities for supplying the market in the long term.

According to what was released some time ago, the Japanese government will bear 50% of the investment costs with a view to returning to count for something in the production of technological hardware.

TSMC also plans to start a new factory in Taiwan in practically identical times compared to the Japanese project. In this case, TSMC seems to have plans to build a factory that on the one hand will cost it less, but on the other hand will have the automotive one as its most important customer. In this case, we are talking about chips produced following the production process a 28nm.

Will all this then solve the problem generated by the chip crisis? The answer is no: the time span required to build these factories is too long. However, the construction of these factories, at least in part, would protect the market from crises like the one that has just involved all producers.


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