Travis Scott explained what “Utopia”, the title of his new album, means to him

Travis Scott is back to talk about his highly anticipated new album “Utopia”, whose release should be expected within this year.

He did so in a long interview with CR Men – is also the protagonist of the cover story – in which he stated that his record is focused on what he believes are the key components of a utopian state: “medicine, nursing, being a better person, speaking, language, communication”.

“You think utopia is a society where everything is fine: health, buildings, architecture – no. It’s just about adequate lines of communication, explains Scott who continues: “Because this is the dystopian me ** we are in right now. It’s all hate, hate, hate and all of this is due to what? Bad communication, non-communication, incomprehensible communication, ignorance of communication. ‘I don’t like this person.’ Because? Why has someone told me something I don’t like about this person? Why did I read in history that I don’t love this person? How come?”

“Utopia” is the ideal sequel to “Astroworld”, Travis Scott’s previous studio album released in 2018, critically and critically acclaimed, which contains collaborations with the likes of Drake, Frank Ocean and The Weeknd.

Travis Scott will soon become dad for the second time. Girlfriend Kylie Jenner confirmed that she was pregnant – after rumors that have been around for weeks – by posting a tender video on social media that begins with a positive pregnancy test. The couple already has a daughter, Flocks, born in 2018.

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