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Today at 7 p.m. the Bundesliga NFT trading cards from Topps will drop – the DFL’s money machine is working at full speed.

Despite the fact that Bayern are leading the Bundesliga table again in the current season, there are some innovations. This does not mean the opening of the new Freiburg stadium, but the announcement of the Bundesliga and other NFT trading cards Topps to publish. Series 1, which will now be released on November 11th at 7 p.m., contains NFT works from the first five match days of the 21/22 season – players and moments such as goals or pennant handovers. The ERC-721 tokens are minted (minted) on the Avalanche blockchain.

There should be a total of 6,000 packs. According to a current press release, each pack consists of four NFT trading cards and one video card. These cards can come from different rarity categories. Unlike Sorare, for example, with its four rarity categories, Topps offers six. They are weighted for the first series as follows:

  • Common (40.00 percent)
  • Uncommon (28.75 percent)
  • Rare (19.75 percent)
  • Super rare (7.75 percent)
  • Epic (3.00 percent)
  • Legendary (0.75 percent)

Future drops could have different proportions of the different rarity categories. The company also guarantees that each pack contains at least one NFT card from the top four rarity categories.

NFT video cards with audio commentary

A new feature in this project are the video trading cards. These are expanded to include the so-called “Club Pennant” cards. It says on the website:

These special collector’s items appear in limited editions and show a new perspective on the choice of seat in front of a game, are digitally enhanced with animations and club colors and appear in variants for all 18 Bundesliga clubs over the course of the season.


The NFT cards can be purchased from 7 p.m. on the Topps website. Surprisingly, however, payment is only possible in US dollars. Inquiries from BTC-ECHOs, such as the rarity, what happens to the income of the NFTs or why you can only pay with US dollars, have so far left the DFL unanswered.

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