Toothpaste on pimples and other myths: the worst beauty remedies ever you should never use

Every week the Internet is full of * new * beauty remedies, which beauty vloggers guarantee will turn yours on beauty routine. Many of them aren’t actually doctors or dermatologists, so why trust them?

If you are willing to experiment with anything, at least promise to stay very (but very very) far from the ones listed below – they are all dangerous myths:

Toothpaste on pimples

Over-drying pimples with something that isn’t specifically designed to do so is NEVER a good idea. Toothpaste can lead to further inflammation, redness, and scarring.

Use the deodorant as a primer

We’ve all heard the legend that deodorant is a good make-up base. It would keep perfect make-up for hours. It actually leaves the skin very dry and irritated. Spend a few bucks for a REAL primer and your skin will thank you.

Baking soda on the hair

Added to the shampoo it would help keep the hair cleaner for longer. STOP. You will cause your hair to dry out, causing permanent damage. To be healthy your hair needs hydration, washing off all of its natural oils is not a good idea at all.

Lighten the skin with lemon juice

Lemon is super acidic, so it can actually burn sensitive skin. It also leaves all skin types more sensitive to UV rays, putting pigmentation at risk.

Add cinnamon to the face mask

Maybe some beauty vlogger has urged you to do this, but spices can actually burn your skin and generate too much heat. Put cinnamon in the cookies, it tastes great there.

Use the hair spray to set the make up

Hairspray is full of alcohol and chemical solutions that are not kind to your skin at all. A bad idea. It is also super sticky and clogs the pores on the face.

Vaseline on the eyelashes

It is said that putting petroleum jelly on your lashes makes them look long and full. It actually gets into the pores around the eyelids, clogs them and causes eye infections. Not even.

Remove blackheads from the nose with dental floss

It might seem like a perfect trick to get rid of blackheads, but it’s also a surefire way to break the blood capillaries on your nose. When a capillary breaks it is broken forever and will remain there blazing with its burgundy-red color for the rest of your life. Failed.

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