Tom Holland: Review his story, from how he started to the movies and the Spider-Man saga

Tom Holland performs today 25 years old: best wishes!

Of these 25, 6 have already passed like Spider-Man: It was 2015 when he was announced as the new Spider-Man / Peter Parker. Not only in superhero movies, you’ve also seen him in films like “Heart of the Sea – The Origins of Moby Dick” directed by Ron Howard and starring Chris Hemsworth.

Tom Holland at the premiere of Spider-Man Far From Home – getty images

However, it was the role of Spider-Man that gave him worldwide notoriety. Star status but always humble character: we adore Tom Holland also because he has always remained a down-to-earth guy, also thanks to his family. Did you know that has three brothers and one of them works as your assistant?

We tell you this and many other curiosities in video below. Hit play to review Tom Holland’s story!

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