Tim: Kkr prepares offer for 100%, at 50 cents per share

MILAN, 21 NOV – Kkr presented Tim with a “non-binding and indicative” expression of interest for a takeover bid on 100% of the shares “aimed at delisting”. It was qualified by Kkr as “friendly”. The indicated price to be paid entirely in cash “would be equal to 0.505 euros”. It can be read in a note released at the end of the Board of Directors, which lasted almost 4 hours. Kkr, before launching the bid, wants to “carry out a confirmatory due diligence with an estimated duration of four weeks”. The expression of interest is bound to this and also “to the approval of the relevant institutional subjects”, or to the opinion of the Government which has the possibility of exercising Golden Power over the company. (HANDLE).


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