Thousands in the far right march in Warsaw

(ANSA-AFP) – ROME, NOV 11 – Thousands participated in the march from the far right in Warsaw for the annual “Independence Day”, which obtained a green light from the government after a vain attempt to block the demonstration, promoted by the liberal mayor Rafal Trzaskowski. There were also members of Forza Nuova at the march. Among the slogans chanted in Polish by the march, there is also one addressed to the agents engaged on the border with Belarus, where thousands of migrants ready to enter the European Union crowd: “Shoot, shoot, border guards”. On the central square of the city, patriotic choirs were sung in a riot of flags, wrapped in red and white smoke. Imposing the security device, with the agents in riot gear and armored vehicles lined up. Blocked some of the main streets, for fear of new scuffles like those that occurred in the past. At the last minute, the government defined the demonstration as “state” by canceling an impediment measure challenged by the mayor. (ANSA-AFP).

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