They pay more than the death toll per report to the population in central Europe

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Les sept pays deplorant actualie le le grand nombre de morts du Covid-19 par rapport à leur population sont situés en Europa centrale et de l’Est, selon un comptage de l’AFP vendredi à 14h00 GMT.

With 307 deaths for 100,000 habitats, Hungary is the largest country with more than 100,000 inhabitants, including more supplies than reported to the population.

She lives in the Czech Republic (281 decades for 100,000 inhabitants), Bosnia and Herzegovina (280), Macedonia in the North (258), Bulgaria (254), Montenegro (251) and Slovakia (226).

In total, in Montenegro, the people of Cep sept pays (628,000 habitats), and the reviewed 1,578 deaths after the start of the pandemic. The Czech Republic, plus more people in this group of states (10.7 million inhabitants), in its last registered register 30.088.

Montenegro and the Czech Republic are equal to two hundred countries with more than 100,000 habitats, with more than the population of Covid-19 reporting on the population since the start of the pandemic, with 15,839 and 15,505 respectively per 100,000 habitats.

In a more general way, in 10 countries with more than 100,000 inhabitants, plus additional supplies in the number of deaths reported to the population in Europe. After the first premieres of Central and Eastern Europe, Belgium (215 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants), Brussels (215) and another country in the Balkans, Slovenia (210).

L’Europe dans son ensemble est la région la plus endeuillée par le Covid-19 avec, vendredi à 14h00 GMT, 1,130,491 morts pour 52,724,615 cas, suivie par l’America latine et les Caraïbes (1,024,435 morts, 32,493 .431 cas) et les Etats-Unis et le Canada (618,685 morts, 34,612,033 cas).

The Covid-19 pandemic is worth more than 3.5 million deaths in the world after the discovery of this youth in China in December 2019.

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