There is maretta among the Mussolins: family quarrel over the reopening of the crypt of Predappio. First the announcement, then the denial

Mussolini against Mussolini. There is a rush among the descendants of the Duce of fascism on reopening of the crypt of the cemetery of San Cassiano di Predappio, in Romagna, where the body of the dictator is buried. The first announcement of the reopening was made Vittoria and Orsola Mussolini, grandchildren of Vittorio, second son of Mussolini. The tomb, they said, will be open again from May 23 (tomorrow) after 3 years of closure, to “give visitors the opportunity to come and visit our loved ones who rest here all year round, as strongly desired by Donna Rachele “. The tomb of Mussolini has in fact been closed for over three years after some renovations carried out thanks to the money of the National Alliance Foundation.

But a few hours passed and the announcement was canceled. “Unlike the expectations that have arisen – specifies a statement from other family members – the Mussolini crypt will remain closed”. Indeed, the note specifies, the two great-grandchildren “are not entitled to make any public announcement regarding the crypt without prior discussion and clearance from the majority of the family”. “Unfortunately their little provident announcement – it is emphasized – has generated confusion and false expectations”. “It is the goal of all family members to reopen the crypt – it is underlined – in this regard we are agreeing on how to best manage, safely and with common sense, the reopening to the public starting this summer”. The answer was posted on social media by Rachel Mussolini, municipal councilor in Rome for Brothers of Italy, which bears the name of the wife of the Duce and is the daughter of Romano, the penultimate of the 5 children recognized by the head of fascism, known for being a composer and jazz player.

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