There are rumors that Ariana Grande could be nominated for an Oscar for the film “Don’t Look Up”

Don’t Look Up, the wait disaster comedy written and directed by Adam McKay, will debut on Netflix next month. The film was previewed for a select group of critics and jurors of the major cinema awards … and guess what? It is rumored that Ariana Grande might have one Oscar nomination 2022!

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The film is an astronomical satire, which makes fun of the stupidity of the inhabitants of planet Earth. Starring the Oscars Leonardo Dicaprio And Jennifer Lawrence, for the first time together as a couple of low-level astronomers, trying to avert the threat of a meteorite about to hit Earth. Nobody takes them seriously and so they start a media tour to prevent the destruction of our planet.

The pop star has a small part in Don’t Look Up, but it’s not her acting that will earn her her first Oscar nomination. Variety reports that the song titled Just Look Up that Ariana wrote for the film will likely be a firm favorite in the category for Best Original Song.

Ariana wrote the song with Kid Cudi, who appears alongside her in the film, and Taura Stinson.

Director Adam McKay said: “It might be my favorite moment in the movie. The number 1 pop star in the world telling us: ‘We’re all going to die, get your head off your ass. ‘”

We really can’t wait to hear it!

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